"Lord, use... Your servants as You used the ox in the Old Testament, for service or for sacrifice."


i need a new blog name...

I guess since I'm not in Kenya anymore, I need a new blog name.

Any suggestions?

What about 'Out of Canada'? :D

Brilliant, I know... I thought of it myself.


No, I didn't miss the snow!

Well, I'm back in the true North, strong and free. And it's cold...very cold. Friday night I arrived in Toronto and was welcomed back by a storm. At least I'm safe and warm inside. :) Can't wait to visit all my friends and family soon!


New photo album...

Check out a few photos that I posted taken by a friend. We went on Monday, February4th to two refugee camps with a hospital group that some fellow SIMers work at.

"Just because it is calm...doesn't mean that there is peace."

My friend Naman shared this with me... very true.


Answered Prayer

Praise God because last Friday, Teresiah returned after about 2 weeks of being gone. She found a friend and was kept safe, but we are glad that she is back. Jon came back, but left the next morning. He keeps running away from the Children's Home and from his grandma's house. She is old and can't handle this stress. She asked him if he is trying to make her die before her time. Pray that Jon stays in one place and that he will stop playing around with his future.



Annelie and I were able to visit some friends at their church. The church is situated on the edge of Kibera, the secondest largest slum in Africa, with an estimated population density of 300,000 per square kilometer. Our fellow short-term SIMers have been pulled out of Kibera for security reasons. We thought that this visit wouldn't happen, but we prayed that God would make a way so that we could greet our friends again and see what Kibera looked like after all that has happened. I will post some pictures and let them speak for themselves.

To see more pictures... follow the photo album link on the right under "Kibera - the aftermath".